Budding Producer, Alero Okorodus Brings Papa Joe To Cinema


Alero Okorodus, who was the star in Tajudeen Adepetu’s rested family drama on television –“One Love”, has charged Nigerian youths to open their eyes to the reality and what the bible really teaches; that no matter how you pray, you will never succeed, if you fail to get up and start engaging yourself in productive endeavors.

The ebony skinned actress stated this while speaking on her soon to be released movie, “papa Joe” written by Lani Aisida and directed by Harry Dorgu and Philip Okpokoro; the movie according to her features Ayoola Ayolola, Linda Ejiofor,  lydian John,  Bollylomo, Boma Mac-Ake, Tony Akposheri, Ifeoma Aniebo, Essense Uwale, Charles Jaybo, Richard Dike among others, tells the story of “a  young man who wants to become successful in life without  learning a trade or getting proper education, he tries his hands on a lot of things before delving into movie making which he knows nothing about.” The movie is full of “intrigue, comedy and drama”.

Okorodus, who began as an actress says taking time to study production design in the United State of America has opened her eyes and given her a sense of direction. “At first when I got into acting through Tajudeen Adepetu’s “One Love” it was to escape boredom after my secondary school days, after studying architecture that turned out to be handy when I did production design in film school, I will say I have found my real purpose now in the movie industry as a producer so it will be difficult to see me in front of the cameras again because I find fulfillment in producing”.

As a young pretty girl who is stepping into the world of Movie Making how is she handling male admirers and has she ever been sexually harassed? “So far so good I have not experienced it yet, but I will like to state  clearly; I am against all forms of sexual harassment.  Mind you, to produce a movie is capital intensive and nobody will give you a movie to produce just because they slept with you; except they do not want their money back, and I doubt if any investor wants that. Besides; women have taken over leadership positions in the movie business and men now have no choice other than to behave themselves.


Just take a look at Mo’ Abudu, (whom I admire a lot) she is calling the shots, do you think any man can mess around her?,  or  Emem Isong and  Mildred Okoh  or any other top female producer?.

Men are not alone in the business of harassing women as rich lesbians and cougars abound in the industry… “I doubt  if women will be as bold as the men have been in that aspect over the years. Let’s face it, any form of sexual harrasment should be condemned in it totality and I pray all film makers will take a stand and use their talents to tell stories that will promote values in our society.“

What step is Okorodus taking to ensure she gets  return on investment? “we have reached an advanced stage of negotiation with a cinema house but we cannot say the name out and we are still in  talks on other possibilities of getting the movie  to lovers of Nigerian Films across the globe”

“Papa Joe”, is a production of Darkbrid productions and Lexanton Media Productions and is due for cinema in a couple of weeks.


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