As Ekiti Goes To The Polls By Aro Odofin

One of the fallouts of the social media is the emergence of pseudo political analysts. Recent events in Ekiti shows that. While most revelled in poking fun at a “crying Fayose,” some of us saw a street smart, savvy politician drawing attention to Kayode Fayemi’s resolve to deploy federal might in rigging the polls.
And did Fayose succeed!
The international community is showing renewed interest in the polls. Today, the U.S. Consul-General led a team comprising the British ambassador to Ado Ekiti. A picture of the governor in neck brace (real or not) surely depicts Muhammadu Buhari as a brutal dictator who will stop at nothing (including humiliating a state governor) in getting reelected in 2019.
More significantly, Fayose’s theatrics gives sharper focus to the need for restructuring. The Fulani have always resisted strident calls for that. Moreover, Buhari told Nigerians in plain terms that he will not restructure. Why should he when the recent lopsided arrangement allows his minority ethnic group to dominate others using the instrument of force?
It was the federal coercive apparatus used in 1962 to subjugate the West and imprison Awolowo on trumped-up charges in order to ensure complete dominance of the Nigerian state. The same force was deployed in 1993 after criminally annulling the election won by a Yoruba man. Yoruba political elite was hounded into exile, some killed; while thousands of its youth were mauled down in their prime by mainly Fulani soldiers deployed to “pacify” the restive southwest.
Today, the entire security apparatchiki is controlled by mainly Fulani/northern muslims under a religious bigot and ethnic irredentist. Sadly, thousands die in a carefullly choreographed orgy of death, organized by Fulani janjaweed.
Winning Ekiti state by every means is central to the Fulani’s Agenda to grab lands and foist militant Islam. We bury our heads in the sand when we deny or explain this glaring fact away. Once Ekiti state fall into line, be sure that southwest votes critical for Buhari’s victory in 2019 will be fraudulently conjured.
You may keep justifying unchecked killings as the handiwork of corrupt politicians fighting to remove Buhari. However, while doing that, ask yourself a few questions: (1) why is the FG coming up with several explanations for the killings? Once, it was a communal clash. Then it became the encroachment of grazing routes. Later, foreigners from Libya are fingered. (2) why in the world will the minister of defence – himself a Fulani – justify the killings by fingering the encroachment on grazing routes as causative factor, and later asking for the abrogation of Benue State’s anti- grazing law? (3) why is the FG quick to disarm communities attacked by herdsmen while doing nothing to protect against further attacks? (4) why is the FG doing nothing when killer herdsmen occupy and rename lands in Plateau state? Do we need to look any further for the killers?
Nigeria is on the brink of a full blown ethnic/religious war. Our leaders realize the urgency of the situation. No single ethnic group has a monopoly of violence. Affected communities have a right to self defense; even as the FG sabotages self defense by disarming those being killed. And, when a complicit federal government abdicates its sacred duty of protecting lives and property because the C-in-C is in cahoots with murderers, God save the land.
As Ekiti goes to the polls in less than 24 hours, these issues remain central. This is a choice between a humble, self-effacing Professor Eleka who was handpicked by a voluble sitting governor and a Ph.D-wielding, crafty, self-conceited Fayemi who was chosen to further a Fulani imperialist agenda.
This is a choice between life and death. A choice between self determination and Fulani colonialism. A choice between honor and servitude.