All The Times Psquare Had Shown Signs Of A Major Break-Up


It is no longer news that the business relationship between P Square may have finally come to an end after a video which surfaced showed  Paul and his brothers Jude and Peter almost exchanging blows.

The feud between the brothers has been a long time coming as there has been numerous public squabbles between them in time past.

April 2014 

This was when it all began and people began to notice all was not well with the Psquare brand. This came as a shock to fans who thought the brothers were inseparable.

The cause of the rift was over Peter’s accusation that Paul and Jude were sidelining him. That if they pushed out 200 songs, 199 songs would be written by Paul. That people were calling him a dancer in P-Square which got him really angry.

He also accused his brother Jude of disrespecting his wife, Lola.

April 2015

Another crisis erupted when Paul Okoye shared a list of songs that was written and produced solely by him which hinted that there was probably trouble in Paradise. He said he’s bringing the behind the scenes of his best 40 songs of P-Square and the brains behind the success of each song and he made sure to let us know that he wrote and produced most of P-Square’s hit songs.

February 2016

The feud between the brothers reared its ugly head again. Peter Okoye went berserk on Twitter over the alleged faulty business structure of Psquare brand.

Peter claimed that he is no longer interested in the family business as he insisted that their older brother and manager, Jude must be eased out as their manager. Peter wanted Jude, their elder brother, to step down as a manager, while Paul supported Jude. Peter launched a scathing attack on Jude on Twitter, announcing he was no longer the pop group’s manager, adding that whoever does any business with him “does so at their own risk”.

March 2016

The drama intensified as Peter and Paul released solo singles which made it evident that the brothers were considering solo careers. Paul Okoye released ‘Call heaven’ while Peter dropped ‘All eyes’.

Later in the month, the brothers resolved differences and announced they were back as a group and also apologised to their fans who pleaded and wanted them back as a team.

September 2017

The cold war between Peter and Paul of Psquare resurfaced recently when Paul took to his Instagram page to accuse ‘some people’ of being jealous of the twins he just welcomed.

Peter retorted by accusing his twin, Paul of slandering his wife and children with lies on social media and alleged that they have now been receiving threatening messages. He also accused his older brother Jude of once threatening to kill him and shoot his wife Lola.

All these he made known in a letter of termination of contract which he sent to their lawyer. Peter insisted that he has had enough of the drama and wants out of the PSquare group and contract.

The singer, who now refers to himself as Mr. P, stated that he loves his brothers and their families, and he wishes them the very best in their careers. However, he cannot betray his wife and kids as they are very important to him.



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