Actress Georgina Onuoha Posts On IG A Weeping Nigerian Lady That Has Been Stalking Her


US-based Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha, shared a video showing a woman weeping. She said the woman is a Nigerian lady based in Denmark that has been stalking and harassing her and her family members.

Georgina wrote;

“Stalker Alert ? Stalker Alert ?
Good morning my Family.. Please, I want to bring this to your attention. This is a Nigerian lady who is either married or divorced and lives somewhere in Denmark.

For months now this scumbag has been stalking and trolling me. Going through my friends list both on Instagram and Facebook, writing and harassing innocent people, my friends, their family and their loved ones.

I once posted about it earlier this year, however, I guess psychopaths and sociopaths don’t get it. She has been writing all my family members, girlfriends and anyone associated with me in any way shape or form. Many of you have brought it to my attention and I’ve been dealing with this menace for months.

I have reported her to the authorities. I have contacted Facebook and Instagram and they tracked the IPN of all the messages to her home in Denmark. Yet she denies it claiming her account was hacked. She has written me severally and I’ve blocked her with her numerous accounts. Please beware.
I apologize to all my friends she has been contacting. I also apologize to their families and associates she has been writing and causing undue pain and hardship because of her scrupulous behavior. It’s a shame that people like this exist. They are sick upstairs, vindictive and need to be taken off the streets and social media. It’s a privilege to have you all as friends and loved ones, but it’s a shame that such fools exist that will stop at nothing to cause people pain.

This lady is busy breaking homes and damaging people’s family dynamics. She needs to be stopped. Her name is Angela Yemi Ossia from Edo state, lives in Denmark and married to a Danish guy. Please if she contacts you, report her to the authorities regardless of any part of the globe you are.

Here are her information:
+45 50 59 48 50 Finn husband +45 5331 0731 Angela Yemi Ossia
I will be calling the Nigerian Embassy/consulate in Denmark as well as reporting her to the FBI.
Please beware. She changes account every minute on every social media platforms some with pictures and others left blank.
I apologize to all for such nuisance.

Source: Information Nigeria


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